Saturday, November 03, 2018

Leopard has been proposed for the mascot for the Uttarakhand state Olympic Games

Leopard has been proposed for the mascot for the Uttarakhand State Olympic Games. The General Secretary of the Olympic Association expressed hope that it will be stamped at the  Uttarakhand State Olympic Sports Steering Committee meeting.  On the question of state bird monal, he told that due to the mascot of state bird Monal in the national games, it was not made a mascot for state Olympic Games. 
The mascot has not yet been released for the state Olympic Games scheduled to be held in Rudrapur between November 10 and 13 -2018, while there is not a single week left for the competition. When asked about the Olympic Association's General Secretary DK Singh, he said that the state sports committee has proposed leopard as the mascot for the Uttarakhand State Olympics. 


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