Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tiger killed a woman at Corbett National Park

Corbett City, Ramnagar, Nov 12 November (PTI); Corbett National Park. in a recent man animal (tiger/ leopard) conflict at corbett national park, a woman named Nandi devi of village Sundarkhal was killed by a big cat in Sarapduli range near dhikuli region in the buffer zone of the Corbett National Park / Corbett tiger reserve on Friday (12 November 2010). Though the villagers alleged that the woman had been killed by a tiger, official sources have not yet confirmed whether the woman was killed by a tiger or a leopard.

The victim, Nandi Devi, had gone to collect fodder when she was attacked by a prowling tiger/ leapord in Corbett National Park / Corbett tiger reserve, which dragged her for nearly a kilometer and a half inside the forest before killing her. The villages later rushed to forest where they recovered the woman's half eaten body.

On being informed about the incident, the Corbett national park officials also reached the site where angry villagers staged a protest against the State forest authorities accusing them of failing to protect the villagers in the periphery of the Corbett national park region. The Corbett national park authorities tried to pacify the villagers without success as the villagers have demanded that the feline responsible for killing the woman should be shot without delay. Meanwhile, official of Corbett national park said a cage has been put in the area to capture the wild-cat.