Friday, January 22, 2016

Welcome Vanitha, Vanashree and Veda to corbett National Park

                             Welcome Vanitha, Vanashree and Veda to corbett National Park
There Good news for the wildlife safari and adventure enthusiasts coming to corbett national park, and particularly for elephant safari to corbett park, if everything is in order, three elephants will soon be sent to the Jim Corbett National Park-ramnagar, distt nainital in Uttarakhand for patrolling and eco-tourism at the park in Uttarakhand from Bannerghatta Biological Park-Karnataka. A proposal of sending elephants to corbett national park is now before the Uttarakhand forest department officials for their approval.
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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Goat and Tiger's unlikely friendship

Goat and Tiger's unlikely friendship

Almost a month ago, at a safari park in the far east of Russia, a goat was released into a tiger's enclosure as a live prey, but to surprise to the park authorities and the visitors to the park,     tigers has not attacked or made any attempt to kill the goat and now they share the same shelter together and seems to have developed a sort of friendship. If this type of behavior can be seen in the animal kingdom, then why not among humans or between the countries.

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